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A Boutique

Our Candles

Triple-scented and hand-crafted.

We carry a variety of sizes and fragrances to suit a variety of requests. Our sizes are below.

Votives: Not your typical votive! Our votives are almost 3 ounces in size. Will burn at least 18 hours. $1.25 or buy 12 and receive one free.

Glasses: Our glasses are 13 ounces and are thick glass. We don't put a label on the glass, so you can put them anywhere in your house without taking away from your decor. Burntime is approximately 65 hours and cost $15.00. Save the vintage inspired tube to hold your favorite trinkets.‚Äč

Pillars: Our pillar candles are 3x6 and we honestly don't know how long they will burn. The best option for the money as they will last a very long time. A good pillar is hard to find and with proper care, they will not run or spill over. $15.00.